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4 Mar

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I Have Alzheimer’s website shows people with the disease they are not alone

3 Jan


In September, the Alzheimer’s Association launched I Have Alzheimer’s Disease, a new 23-page section of This robust site offers information and tools to empower a growing group of individuals living in the early stage of Alzheimer’s or another dementia to live their best life for as long as possible.

“The Association obtained input from people living in the early stage of the disease, including members of our Early-Stage Advisory Group. We found that individuals in this stage need to do more than learn about the disease. They want to know how others have handled receiving a diagnosis and what they are doing to lead a fulfilling life,” said Monica Moreno, director, early-stage initiatives, Alzheimer’s Association. These Web pages are designed to do exactly that and more.

The sentiment underlying I Have Alzheimer’s is simple: You are not alone. The Web section provides information and insights from real people living with the disease to help their peers move past the feeling of isolation and on to planning, preparing and receiving support.

“There’s a lot of information to digest after diagnosis. Some aspects can be difficult and we encourage users to take their time and learn at their own pace,” Moreno said. As changes occur, new questions will come up. And we’re here to answer them.

To learn more, visit I Have Alzheimer’s at

SEA Club – Seniors Enjoying Art

31 Oct

SEA Club- Seniors Enjoying Art- An arts program created by Michaella Lynch for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients at Westminster Canterbury Retirement Home.


Resident Grace Bisese and Michaella Lynch

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Why I Walk to End Alzheimer’s

21 Oct


By Becki Sims

I want to take you by the hand.

I want you to come with me.

Come with me to a place where you can see how Alzheimer’s disease affects lives every day.

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Why I Walk to End Alzheimer’s

10 Oct

Ashley Jordan, YAAA! Member

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Why I Walk to End Alzheimer’s

6 Oct
Meghan Dalessandro participated in the Western Tidewater Walk to End Alzheimer’s® from Guam, where her husband is stationed!

This man is my motivation. My Papa. Eugene L. New.

Today would have been my papa’s birthday. Our first one without him….

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Why I Walk to End Alzheimer’s

4 Oct
By Robin Sexauer

This year will be very different as I am walking in memory of my father, Robert W. Sexauer.  For the past 10 years I have co-chaired the Yuk Yuk & Joe’s Restaurant Team with Kathleen Peirson on the Eastern Shore and walked in honor of my father with my dog, also known as his four-legged grandchild, Goggles.  After each walk, I was able to go see him and tell him all about the Walk and how much money we raised.  This year I cannot do that. 

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